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Round Seven: flarn_chef


In order of appearance:
Lion in Winter
All About Eve
On The Town
The Red Shoes
Sunset Blvd (X2)
The Quiet Man (X5)
The African Queen
The Innocents
Robin Hood
Lady From Shanghai
... all to be found at my graphics journal,((( phinger_paint )))
*exits stage left*

Tags: movie: all about eve, movie: harvey, movie: jezebel, movie: lady from shanghai, movie: lion in winter, movie: on the town, movie: rebeca, movie: robin hood, movie: spartacus, movie: sunset blvd, movie: the african queen, movie: the innocents, movie: the quiet man, movie: the red shoes, movie: thunderball, participant: flarn_chef, round #7, theme: classic movies, type: movie

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