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ROUND 7: Olivejuice_Icon

here @ greenfora
No need to join, watchers appreciated.
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Round 07 ♣ Information & Themes

Round 07 Classic Movies ♣ Sign ups still OPEN

The sign-ups are still open since this is a general round without a specific claim, so don't hesitate and join us along the way. For this round, costume movies referring to another era such as "Gone with the Wind" are welcome as long as they are classic adaptations (roughly directed before the 70's). Like last round, it would by wonderful if you could list your movies for the tags:)

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Sign-up Reminder!

vintage20in20 ♣ round 07

We desperately need more participants before we are able to start this lovely round. Please don't forget to sign up here! I won't have internet access this weekend, so it would really be wonderful if we could launch the round this week:)
Miss ♣ Elisabeth

Sign-ups Round 07 ♣ OPEN!

vintage20in20 ♣ round 07

Thanks a lot to all those who took part in the poll. The classic movies won this time but there are a few other subject that you seem to like and that we will be able to use for other rouds:)
join the community
read the rules carefully.
this round focuses on classic movies. You don't need to claim a specific movie, this is a general round and you will be able to icon any movie you like for your interpretations of the themes. Just comment with the place you will be posting your icons to.
Any effect is allowed, except animation.
Remember that your post should be public until the end of the round.

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Miss ♣ Elisabeth

Round 07 ♣ Poll

Just a little poll to decide what we are going to icon next round!
I received a lot of positive feedback on last round's "claimfree" sign-ups and on the specific themes related to a restricted subject. It was really a fantastic round, so I would love to continue like that if that's ok for you too.

Now we need to select a new general subject. The Classic Hollywood era seemed to please most of you, so we could go on with classical subjects but feel free to suggest your own wishes. Just vote in the poll below to give your opinion on next round's subject (you can choose more than one option).
Thanks a lot in advance!

Poll #1782916 Round 6 Subject
This poll is closed.

Classic Hollywood

classic gentlemen
classic movies
classic roles (ladies and gents)
pin-ups (art)
costumes and fashion
other (please add a comment)

Other subjects

fashion and models
objects and settings
book adaptations
"Mad Men"
other (please add a comment)
Miss ♣ Elisabeth

Round 06 ♣ Results

Round 06 ♣ Results

Here are the results for our round n°6 dedicated to classical actresses. Congratulations to the winners and to all the participants! The voting was very difficult, thanks everyone!
If you'd like an award banner, please click here to get your custom banner.
The votes will be unscreened and the incomplete votes were not counted. Like the previous round, I will be nominating some of this round's icons fitting the categories at costume_awards (let me know if you don't want your icons to be displayed there).
I hope you're ready for the next round!

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Miss ♣ Elisabeth

A few considerations on deadlines and extensions

I had a few questions coming up about deadlines and extensions, so I thought it would be useful to post a general entry about that.

The point of this community is to be fun and entertaining, so I really don't want to be a control freak or too particular about rules. It is always possible to discuss things and I'm more than happy to grant extensions or to answer any concern that may arise.

I always try to wait a little longer than the actual deadline before posting the voting (usually one or two days) in order for everyone to be able to enter (regardless of their timezone etc). However, I cannot guess when you're going to post your icons, so if you want an extension, please ask for it on time. It also applies to the people who decided not to enter at all and changed their mind.

I know that a lot of people are too shy to admit that but please don't. As said earlier, we are here to have fun. So nobody is going to judge you, prevent you from entering the following round or ban you for that! Just express yourself and everything is going to be far easier for everyone. No need to write a novel either – we all have a real life, no excuses needed for that –, a simple line is totally enough. Plus, it shows that you respect the other participants who entered on time and you won't delay the voting that could have taken place earlier.

I hope that it is clear, and if you have any other questions about anything, just shoot!
And don't forget to vote:)

Your mod
Miss ♣ Elisabeth

Round 06 ♣ Voting links

Round 06 ♣ Voting

Thank you so much to justlook3, lavanille, winterlillies, lacrimadargento, sunlitdays, lady_turner and shadow_dragon81 for completing their claim and make such beautiful icons! The variety of actresses is amazing and the turnout just stunning :)

And I already send my gratitude to the people who will help with the voting. Here are the links to the three voting posts:

the theme voting

the category voting

the artist's choice voting
Miss ♣ Elisabeth

Round 06 ♣ Theme Voting

Theme Voting

Vote for TWO icons for each theme that you think are the best interpretations.
Please, vote fairly: don't vote for yourself, don't ask other people to vote for you, don't vote strategically and try to evaluate an icon's quality objectively regardless of the subject or the maker.
The numbers are above the icons.
Thank you in advance for your help in the voting.
Good luck to all the participants!

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